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Welcome to Absolute Pleasure Entertainment – the best event management company in KL. At Absolute Pleasure Entertainment (A.P.E), we strive to keep your events running smoothly, and to keep your events fresh and professional. Most of all, we endeavor to do better than keep you within your proposed budget–we stretch your Ringgit to heights you wouldn’t imagine. This means that you retain the most exciting, complete event management, at reasonable prices. Every event is important to you which are why it is important to us. Passion is seen through our presence, style and execution of your event. We care because we know the importance of attending to every detail which contributes to a successful event. A team approach is a necessity at an event. We are the voice of the team. We coordinate the next move with our partner vendors and suppliers that move with sincerity and professionalism. We know we have accomplished and surpassed your expectations which make your day. A raving fan can’t stop sharing their wonderful experience with friends and even strangers. Our business grows because of our unwavering commitment for excellence.